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Second Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) French Conference

Paris, March 19th 2016

Faculté de Médecine, Université Paris-Est-Créteil (UPEC)
8 rue du Général Sarrail, 94010 Créteil (France), métro Créteil-L’Échat

Chairman and President: Professor Rodney Grahame (UK)

With the participation of GERSED (Groupe d'études et de Recherches sur le Syndrome d'Ehlers-Danlos) and the Journal de réadaptation médicale (Elsevier-Masson).


8 am: Registration and setting up of Posters
9 am: Welcome address from the Dean of the Medicine Faculty of Paris Créteil
9:10 am: Introduction by Pr. Rodney Grahame (UK).
9:20 am: First roundtable “the physiopathological basis of the EDS treatments” (20 minutes by speaker plus translation time)
Moderator: Pr. Roland Jaussaud (France)
     1. Pain in EDS, Pr. Pradeep Chopra (USA)
     2. Proprioception and EDS: Pr. Roland Jaussaud (France)
     3. Medical Imaging and EDS: Pr. Daniel Frédy (France)
Open discussion
11:00 am: Coffee break - posters presentation
11:30 am: second roundtable “the different therapeutic orientations toward EDS in Europe and South America” (15 minutes by speaker plus translation time)
Moderator: Pr. C. Hamonet.
     1. France: Pr. C. Hamonet (Paris).
     2. Italy: Dr. Marco Castori (Rome).
     3. UK: Pr. Rodney Grahame (London).
     4. Belgium: Pr. Daniel Manicourt (Bruxelles)
     5. Brazil: Dr. Neuseli Lamari (Sao José do Rio Preto)
     6. Chile: Pr. Jaime Bravo.
Open discussion
13:30: Lunch break - posters presentation
14:30: Third roundtable “psychopathological and cognitive aspects of EDS” (15 minutes by speaker plus translation time)
Moderator: Pr. Antonio Bulbena (Espagne).
     1. Psycopathology, Hypermobility and EDS: Pr. Antonio Bulbena (Barcelona).
     2. Eating disorders and psychological factors in EDS: Dr. Carolina Baeza-Velasco, (Paris).
     3. Attention deficit, hyperactivity and EDS: Dr. Lorenzo Sinibaldi (Rome), Dr. C. Baeza-Velasco (Paris) and Dr. M. Castori (Rome).
     4. Hearing spectrum disorders in EDS (clinical cases): Dr. Vincent Guinchat (Paris), and Elodie Vlamynck, Orthesist (Versailles)
     5. Cognitive problems in EDS: Caroline Bourdon, neuropsychologist (Paris).
Open discussion
16:30: Coffee break. posters presentation
From 17:00 to 18:00: Conclusions:
     1. 17:00: "The risk of Iatrogenia in EDS" Pr. Cl. Hamonet (Paris)
     2. 17:15: "The Future of EDS, prospective". Pr. R. Grahame (London)

Conference Language: French, translation will be provided to translate the English speakers speeches. Presentation should be possibly in French and in English.

Posters: A summary of the presentations to be used in a poster is required both in French and in English (introduction, goals, method, results, conclusions, references, key words, 250 words maximum). The summary should be sent by February 29th 2016 at the following email address:

Distribution and Diffusion: The Faculty of Medicine will film the whole conference. A special edition (18 articles) of the Journal de Réadaptation médicale (Elsevier-Masson) including the works of the previous conference (March 7th 2015) will be made available at the beginning of the conference. The summary and the films of the previous conference « treatments of the EDS » may be viewed on Pr. Hamonet's site.

Coordination: Professeur Claude Hamonet (Consultation Ehlers-Danlos, Hôtel-Dieu de Paris, Université Paris-Est Créteil) and Carolina Baeza-Velasco, PhD (Institut de Psychologie, Université Paris-Descartes), jointly with the Groupe d'Etudes et de Recherches sur le Syndrome d'Ehlers-Danlos (GERSED). Isabelle Brock will supervise translations.

Registration: Priority will be given to health professionals, working in particular in the fields of Rehabilitation and Psychology. Others are welcome to attend based on availability. The registration form, mentioning profession, should be addressed to Docteur Daniel Grossin, 1008 rue du Buisson 45370 Mézières-lez-Cléry, France (, together with a registration fee of 20 euros in the form of a check labelled for the benefit of GERSED.